Jingoistic Official Weibo account mocks India Covid deaths

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A state-affiliated Weibo account mocks India's COVID-19 crisis by using a metaphor about lighting a fire. It accidentally lights a political fire as online pundits either endorse or denounce its callous messaging.

Weibo post

On May 1st 2021, less than a day after Xi Jinping told Modi he would like to "express [his] sincere condolences to the Indian government and people,” the official account of the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China uploaded a Weibo post that mocked India's COVID-19 crisis. The post, captioned "Lighting a fire in China VS Lighting a fire in India" and hashtagged "#More than 400,000 new cases diagnosed in India in a single day#", juxtaposed an image of a rocket launch in China to that of a burning pyre in India.

Immediate Response

The post generated mixed responses in the comment section. Some users commented that such a comparison was "inappropriate" [1], while other users were delighted and used the opportunity to crack their own jokes.

The post, with some of its comments

In the screenshot to the right, comments include:

  1. China: Let's send people to the skies (space)! India: Let's send people to the skies (heaven)!
  2. China: We've send people to the skies (space)! India: We've send people to the skies (heaven)!
  3. LOL, you're such a baddie for posting this :doge emotes...
  4. They're all lighting fires and they're all sending people to the skies.

It does not take a genius to realize that the post was in bad taste. Chinese mouthpieces went into damage control mode and scrambled to showcase their newfound rationality and compassion by condemning the post.

A Global Times mouthpiece called the post "ridiculous" [2]. If only she also recognized the ridiculousness of jailing the owner of a newspaper that publishes a story she doesn't like [3], or the jailing of millions of Uighurs whose culture she doesn't like [4].

Her boss, the ever rambunctious Hu Xijin who never misses an opportunity to "both sides" everyone in a controversy, posts a mini essay of verbal diarrhea that sums up to "yeah, I guess that post was in bad taste. But India has territorial disputes with China, plus it's everybody's right to post what they want, so that post was ok too. Just make sure to be more discrete next time lest we get caught red handed by those pesky foreigners."

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