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Chinazi Wiki is a site dedicated to the intersection of Chinese politics and internet culture.


Nowadays, everybody knows that western media is racist and unfair towards China. This creates a lot of misunderstandings, and hurts the feelings of the Chinese people. This site serves to rectify the situation by helping westerners establish a correct understanding of China.

Established under President Xi's guiding principle of "telling China's story well,“ our site was fortunate enough to be personally nurtured by leaders of the Party and the State, and relevant leaders from various ministries, provinces and cities. Lu Hui, Wang Huning, and other propaganda leaders have highly praised the development of Chinazi Wiki's modern propaganda operations.

Chinazi Wiki is a proud recipient of the Multimedia Improvement Leadership Fund (MILF), a grant awarded by the state-sanctioned Belt and Road Forum (BARF) to aspiring Chinese propaganda outlets.

In typical Chinese fashion, all suggestions and complaints should be directed to the webmaster's personal wechat account: 13910071520.