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Tell China's Stories and Convey China's Voice -- Xi Jinping (Accelerator-in-Chief, General Secretary of the CCP, President of China)

CNWiki is a wiki about the intersection of internet culture and Chinese politics, with a focus on Chinese nationalism.



Most CNWiki articles belong to one of the following categories.

Nationalist crusades

Annals of epic battles between Chinese nationalists and foreign anti-Chinese elements.

Wolf-warrior diplomacy

An in-depth fan-made guide to China's all-star wolf-warrior diplomatic corps, including a faithful chronicle of their acts of heroism and other random tidbits, such as Ambassador Liu Xiaoming's stockings fetish and Zhao Lijian's favorite Japanese porn star.

Political slang dictionary

A dictionary of slang words that often occur in online political discussions.

Archived articles

An archival and translation service for the hottest articles circulating behind the GFW.

Encyclopedia Winnica

A knowledgebase of supreme leader Xi Jinping's nicknames, gaffes, and quotes.


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